10K Race to calculate Power/HR zones

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    Just done my first 10K race (new 10K PB) in week 8 of my L0 HM power based plan. I use power as my metric (Stryd). Using the 10K race to calculate my Pace zones – my threshold pace has *decreased* from 5:35-5:43. It was a bit icy in a few places, but less than 300M total and I was spent out at the end of the race.

    1. Is it normal for the threshold pace calculated using the 20 min test to drop in a race?
    2. Can I use the 10K race to calculate my Power and HR or do I need to do a 20 min simultaneouse threshold test? The Power and HR were fairly constant in the race (Pace was not).
    3. Should I just stick to the same way of calculating my zones (simultaneouse threshold test) and not use the race result?

    Many thanks.

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    And… both courses were fairly flat

    David Warden


    If I understand correctly, you used the 20-minute test to establish Threshold Pace 1, and then used the 10K results to establish Threshold Pace 2.

    The threshold estimate from a race is just that: an estimate. It will never be as accurate as a formal field test. It’s not necessarily common for the 10K estimate to be lower than the 20-minutes, but it’s certain common for the 10K estimate to be different than the 20-minute test. I think it’s a testament to our calculator that it was so close!

    The estimate from an event is a stop-gap until you perform the 20-minute test, not a replacement. So yes, use the 20-minute when possible.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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