10km races splattered among my marathon plan

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    Hi David,

    I have a couple of problems where I’ve entered a series of 4 x 10km races and a final half marathon all happening among my marathon plan 2. Wasn’t meant to be like that by Covid delayed some runs.

    The problem is my marathon is a Saturday so all my long runs are Saturdays.

    Problem 1:
    About every 3 to 4 weeks is one of these 10km races on a Sunday sitting between my Saturday long run and my Monday anaerobic runs. My long runs for 3 of these 10km races are 14, 19 & 29km. Not sure how to handle that. I’m thinking to do the long run anyway on Sat do the race on Sun and rest on Mon, forgetting the anaerobic run?
    I could also try, work permitting to move my Mixed Intervals on a Thur to a Wed, do my long run on a Fri and then race 10km on Sun instead of the Anaerobic Mon run.

    Problem 2:
    I have a half marathon Sun sitting between a 29km long run Sat and a 1:04 Anaerobic run for the Mon. Do you think it’s okay to drop one 29km run for a half marathon or I can take that Friday off work run the 29km Friday then Sunday run the half marathon.

    I know this is a bit of a jumble up mess.


    David Warden


    For Problem 1, I prefer the long run on Fri and the 10K on Sun, with rest Mon (if you can arrange that Fri long run). Regardless of a Fri or Sat long run, skip the Monday speedwork which is replaced with the 10K.

    For Problem 2, for sure you can replace the 29km long run with the actual HM, and then I would still run Monday, but not the RAn, make it an RRe (Zone 1) for the duration of the scheduled RAn.



    Thanks David for the problem solving. It was never my intention to do all this at once but with Covid we have to adjust.


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