11 Months to Boston

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    Hi 80/20 Experts!

    I just finished the Marathon L1 plan and my goal marathon for the year. My time got me a chance to do Boston in April 2024, so I have 10-11 months to get ready. I am a little befuddled on how to handle such a large chunk of time. I did like the plan for this year, and figured I would have a go at the Marathon L2 plan, which would start sometime in Dec. I would like to cut back on running this summer and concentrate on cycling, so I’m open to some sort of running plan for the Fall. But what?

    One thought would be a workup for a speed event—something like a 10K, maybe in the month of November. I would see that as a way to naturally raise my critical power. Another strategy would be some sort of maintenance plan, with the goal of building a solid base for the Marathon plan. Either way, I want to try to keep as much of my current fitness as possible without risking burnout or injury.

    What would you guys do?

    Leyla Porteous

    Hi D,

    Congrats on the BQ! That’s fantastic!

    Definitely a good idea to have a decent recovery time after your recent marathon. Following this it sounds like you would like to switch to some cycling over the summer months, which will be good to work on aerobic fitness, adding a few runs here and there would also be good to keep your run resilience in place.

    Here is a potential season layout using our plans with Boston 2024 as your A event:

    10 weeks to choose from any of our Cycling Plans over the summer:
    7th of August: 7 week Run Faster Plan
    25th September: 11 Week Build Run Endurance Plan
    11th December: 18 week Marathon Plan (Start at the level that matches your fitness and time availability at the time).

    Hope that’s a helpful start on how to use our plans to build a season.
    Here is another resource that provides tips on build a season plan that may also provide some useful tips:

    Planning Your Race Season

    Coach Leyla


    Thanks for the thoughts, Leyla!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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