2 IM’s within 5 weeks!

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    Hi, the last couple of years I’ve done Port Mac (May) and then Cairns (June) with 5 weeks in between.

    I used the 82/20 plan for the first time for Busso (Dec) last year and have re-started it again for Port Mac.

    So what do I do between Port Mac and Cairns? I’m thinking week 1 is a recovery week and then a build for 3 weeks and then taper again.

    Your thoughts?

    Note: I am a slow athlete. We have no dreams of podium.

    David Warden

    Jane, 5 weeks is a tight fit! But you’ve clearly made it work in the past. My first instinct is to have you continue to do what you’ve always done, at it appears to be working.

    Otherwise, I recommend a week off of no running after Port Mac and perhaps up to 4 hours of swim and cycle. Ideally, I would have you then take another week off of no running and just perform the swim and cycle in the plan. However, in this case, with such a quick turnaround, skip the Monday or Tuesday run, and have your first run be the scheduled Wednesday or Thursday run. This way you’ll have about 10 days off of no running. Then complete the final X weeks of the plan as written.



    thanks David. I found the plan for Busso worked really well. Unfortunately I got the flu 4 weeks out and that really took a toll. That being said, although not a pb, I was really happy with how I performed on the day given the very tough conditions (heat).

    Also, love the detail you’ve put into the program.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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