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    I have a few questions regarding the 20min TT.

    1. Why have you changed it from 30min?

    2. Are you supposed to do the 15min warmup and then the 20min TT as a continuous run or should you rest for a few minutes before the 20min TT?

    3. Have I understood correctly that you recommend to carry out the test approximatley every other recovery week (every 6-8 week)?
    Is this run not to hard in a recovery week?

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi Martin,

    Since your question has not been answered by 80/20 team I allow myself to respond:

    1. I asked the same question. 20mins test is less brutal, but leading to almost the same results. This is what I was told. You can keep doing 30mins if you prefer so. I personally still do 30 mins – what a runner you are if you are unable to suffer extra 10 mins?

    2. You should do 15 mins warmup and go TT straight with no rest – “Begin with a warm-up that consists of 15 minutes of easy jogging that ends with a few 15-second surges at the pace you intend to run for the time trial. Next, run as far as you can in 20 minutes, being careful to avoid starting at a pace that’s too fast to sustain and thus slowing down involuntarily near the end.”

    3. I believe TT is a heavy workout. Especially if you do full 30 mins protocol. I would avoid running it during recovery week – leave recovery week for recovery. What is more, in my personal experience, if you run TT too well rested you may get too high result leading to too difficult zones while during your everyday training you will carry some fatigue and won’t feel 100% every single day. Again, this is just my personal experience. Regarding frequency it depends on what state of your training you are at. If you are an experienced athlete or on a plateau for any reason then you can retest less frequently. If you are a beginner your fitness change quicker. Again, according to my personal experience, you will get used to the training plan and will feel if its time to retest as workouts may become little too easy and 8 weeks period will serve just as a reminder to consider doing so.

    Take care,

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    David Warden

    Martin, sorry we missed this one. Yury his it right on.

    – You can do the 30 instead of the 20. You’d use 100% of the peak 30 for Pace and Power and peak 20 bpm for HR.

    – Yes, thank you Yuri.

    – Every rest or every other rest week is recommended. It’s best to do the test well rested. Imagine the opposite: imagine we had you do the test the day after a 2-hour run. It would be worthless. The middle to an end of a rest week is the best representation of “average” fatigue.



    Thank you!

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