3 races, 3 different diciplines = Triathlon plan?

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    I used the 80/20 Triathlon book with plans when I did my Half Iron Man, 2021, with great success!

    Now I think I will try to use it when training for something we call “Trippel Vasan” here in Sweden.

    Year 2024 (12 months until Skiing and 18 months until Mountainbike and run)
    March – Back Country Skiing 90km
    August – Mountainbike 90km
    August – Trailrun 90km (one week after mountainbike)

    My Thought is using:
    Full Ironman training plan for running
    Half Ironman training plan for Mountainbiking
    Skiing, here I will replace swimming with some kind of skiing..

    Focus on skiing until that race is done and then focus on running and cycling next 6 months, but until then, train all three disciplines!

    Do you think this might work, or am I missing a lot here?
    Anything I need to really think about?

    Best Regards
    Anders Daag

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