3 weeks til Ironman injury niggle

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    Steven Bragg

    Hi all

    Just looking for some advice. I’ve been following the 80/20 plan for my full distance Tri in 3 weeks time, however I had to cut my 5.5hr bike short on Sunday by 1hr due to knee pain on my left outer knee.
    I have 1 more long bike to do this Sunday but wondered if it’s best to leave it out try it? I’ve had this pain on my last 2 long bikes but not enough to stop me until Sunday. Is it worth risking it this close to the race?

    Leyla Porteous

    I suggest doing some soft tissue work on your lower leg along with some mobility work in your hips and thoracic spine. There could be tightness that is impinging your form and causing that knee pain to flare up. There is a lot of repetition as you increase the volume for a full Ironman.
    I would dedicate the next few days to some soft tissue work and strength sessions that focus on mobility and stability and then try that bike session. Starting with a really good warm up and posture on the bike. If it starts to really hurt and impacts your cycling mechanics then you can ease off or cut short. But definitely give it a go.

    Steven Bragg

    Thanks for the reply Leyla, I’ll give your suggestions a go over the next few days, and continue them up to race day. I’ve got a sports massage booked in for the weekend too so hopefully all will be ok. Thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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Steven Bragg

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