5 Hour bike workout on an exercise bike


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    Hey there. i’m entering the last 5 weeks of my ironman training and dont want to miss key workouts.
    That being said we’re going to a wedding in the UK with a 2 year old in the car. I have a 5hr run + 30 min brick workout coming on the trip. Ramping up the week before and after doesnt really work with work/life at the moment and i want to do the workout.

    Renting a roadbike for just that single ride is also no option for me.

    Taking my tri bike will greatly impair the travel experience for the family. 16+ hours in the car. Also rebuilding, cleaning, tearing down, bringing tons of clothes for UK weather is an annoyance as well.

    I thought about going to a 24 hour gym that sunday and just doing the brick workout there.
    I am rather afraid of doing something “wrong” doing a long ride on an exercise bike. Position, saddle height, etc.
    Will the workout “translate”? I know it wont be as effective as on my race day bike, but its better than nothing. I’ve never been on an exercise bike longer than 30 minutes in my entire life.

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    I did a 2 1/2 hour workout on my smart bike last week. In terms of training, certainly felt like a similar effort to what it would have been outdoors (it had 1200m of climbing, so more of a slog than a spin.).

    But – an unknown bike in a gym is completely different. There may be limited height and horizontal adjustment, a very different saddle from what you use, and probably not support for the aero position. But if you can find a bike and adjust it to your satisfaction, you’re at least working your legs and cardio system for the planned length.
    I’d certainly plan on 20-30 minutes setup time.


    I’m just chiming in for moral support here. Not sure what the answer will be to your question but I personally feel it would be a worthwhile effort assuming it can be done without a poorly fitting bike causing some kind of injury. I’ve done 2 hours on a Peleton and the thought of doing 5 hours is agonizing. If you can manage 5 hours on a trainer, some day perhaps our paths will cross and I can buy you a well deserved beer. Best of luck.

    Leyla Porteous

    I wouldn’t recommend 5 hours on a gym bike as the set up will be very different to your triathlon/road bike and potentially lead to a injury (knees being the biggest concern on a different bike set up). What you can do that weekend is do 1-90mins on a stationary bike, and then add in some do an extended brick of 90mins to 2hours of running. This will give you a good training session without the risks of riding that long on a stationary bike.
    An important to remember as well is if you have been really consistent with your training and only going to miss this one long session, its not going to totally derail your fitness nor race day potential. Ironman fitness is about consistency over many months and years and missing one long session for a family event is not going to have a huge impact as long as you get back on track as soon as possible. Good luck with your training.
    Coach Leyla

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