7 weeks off between plans, what to do?

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    Background: I have completed to IM 70.3 races in 2019. 80/20 prepped me for the second one. I was well on my way to my races this year like most people, cancelled. I have a few races on the schedule for next year and am trying to figure out how to best get there.

    I just completed the Triathlon Maintenance plan and it went great. I was able to keep to the plan and my gains in both cycling and running FTP saw major gains. To put an end to my season/training, I ran a solo half marathon at 1:42:37 a PB by nearly 8 minutes. I am still not able to swim as the pools in my area are still closed and it is too cold to get out in the open water. My 70.3 80/20 Level 1 plan is set to start Dec 29, 2020.

    So the question is, what to do for the next 7-8 weeks between plans. I would like things to be a little loose, with the holidays and such, but don’t want everything I’ve gained in 2020 to be lost. I do plan to incorporate some strength work, but looking for recommendations on endurance work.

    David Warden


    Congratulations on your PB!

    You are indeed right in the middle of “no man’s land” before you start the Level 1 plan. But, I think we can get you a plan:

    Take a week off after the Maintenance plan. Catch up on other tasks or hobbies.

    Since the Level 1 plan is only 18 weeks long, we have the ability to adjust the length of the plan. Repeat the first 6 weeks of the plan to extend to 24 weeks. That’s the upper end of the total time we recommend for non-stop formal training, but if you can get past the deja vu of repeating the first 6 weeks of the plan, you’ll do well in your 70.3.

    That should cover your 7 weeks!



    Thanks for the recommendation. That was my concern, going in with “too much” training. 24 weeks seems doable. It also gives me some grace around the first six weeks with Holidays and such.
    Appreciate your help. Thanks again for the great plans. In addition to getting more and more fit, I really enjoy not having to think about “what to do today” for my training. I’ll continue to trust the plan!


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