7 weeks to go…..and achilles tendonitis…..

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    Hi – Im on the level 3 IM70.3 plan, and Ive had achilles tendonitis for 2 weeks or so. I’ve run twice in that time, and it was painful each time. Ive continued with the bike and swim training, and where possible I have replaced runs with ellyptical workouts or more bike. I’m doing calf stretches as proposed by Matt after my first post to help lengthen and strengthen my achilles.

    My question for you guys is what do I do? I see 3 scenarios:

    1.) Give up on the IM70.3 race in 7 weeks time, and instead focus on getting better, maintaining fitness, and looking forward to my next race in August 28th (IM70.3 Duisburg).

    2.) Continue training on the level 3 IM70.3 plan, replacing runs with Elliptical trainer, hoping that tendon will recover enough for me to race on June 26th.

    3.) Change training plan to level 2 IM70.3 plan, replacing runs with elliptical trainer, using the race on June 28th as a “B” race and just finish, focussing on getting to IM70.3 Duisburg in August injury free.

    Many thanks for your advice.



    Hi Gareth,
    I’m not a coach or trainer, but I’m recovering achilles tendonitis that I got in December. What I learned is that achilles tendonitis is not to be trifled with. In hindsight, I would immediately stop running. My PT recommended this for returning to running:

    All the best!


    Thanks Tim!

    Leyla Porteous

    Definitely recommend replacing running with alternative not irritating aerobic activities and take the advice of a PT for healing time and cues to progress. In terms of your options above – don’t give up, but don’t continue to do something that might turn into a huge set back…so right now option 3 sounds like a great approach to keep moving forward, don’t change the big goal, just adjust for the setback.


    Would be interested in knowing whether you were following a strength and conditioning plan in the lead-up to the injury?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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