70.3 B race 14weeks prior to 70.3 A race

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    Hi, please could you give me some guidance on how to plan my season. My first 70.3 B race is 19th June 2022 – 14 weeks prior to my 70.3 A race. The plan is 21 weeks, therefore would start 7 weeks before my B race. Should I start the 21 week plan before my B race (21 weeks) have a couple of weeks recovery, then start the plan again 12 weeks out? Your help would be much appreciated.😊 Kind regards Lesley 🎄

    Leyla Porteous

    Hi Lesley,

    The way to approach season planning really depends on your level of fitness, experience and goals for your A race. My initial simple suggestion given you are this far out from the event(s) would be to recommend starting the 21 week plan based on your 19th June event, thereby giving you a full general preparation plan and build leading up to that event, followed by a 1-2 week recovery/transition period where you recover and get refreshed, then re-starting the plan (and possibly even leveling up) with 11 weeks to go before your 70.3 A race. As there is more than 6 weeks between your 70.3 B event and your 70.3 A event I would be inclined to not include them in the same training block and see them as two different race builds.
    Hope that is helpful.
    Happy Holidays – Leyla

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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