70.3 Level 2 vs 3 – Or really Level 2.1 vs 2.9

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    Love the forum! It’s fun to learn from discussions that hadn’t even crossed my mind.

    Looking ahead, I don’t think this summer will allow for me to give the prescribed time for a level 3 70.3 plan. But I’m also a level 3 wanna be kind of guy. Some weeks will be more open than others – big, me-specific news I know…

    What I’m leaning towards doing is going with the level 2 70.3 plan and adding to the plan as time allows. It makes sense in my head that adding low intensity is easier than missing/shortening workouts and subtracting intensity to keep it 80/20.

    Painting with a broad brush, it seems as though it’s better to add easy volume (and having proportionally less high intensity than maybe I could’ve had) than to start modifying high intensity workouts to match missed/shortened ones.

    At a glance – adding a 4th bike ride is the main difference anyway.

    What are your thoughts regarding all this rambling?


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Matt,

    I think you’re approaching it sensibly. It’s better to choose a plan you know you can adhere to close to 100 percent and pad it as circumstances allow than to do the reverse.

    I think here might be a future coach among us!

    Coach Matt

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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