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    I am just planning out my off season into my first race next year.

    I am currently looking and a race weight plan- which is 6 weeks, I then have an 8 week gap between the end of this and the start of my 70.3 plan which leads into my first race.

    What should I put in the 8 week gap? There doesn’t seem to be a 8 plan to put in?

    any help or suggestions?




    Hey Alex,

    The “off season” is the perfect time to focus on strength, mobility, etc. so I recommend checking out one of our strength plans. It would also be a great time to focus on the sport you are the weakest in.
    For example, you could add in a run or cycling block, as well as some strength work to get ready for the upcoming season! The main goal would be to lay the foundation by focusing on skills and muscle imbalances in order to help set you up for a successful 70.3 race!

    I hope that helps!

    Coach Anne

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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