80/20 cycling power zones vs strava cycling power zones


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    I’ve calculated my power zones using both tools and there appear to be some differences. My zones using the 80/20 calculator with an FTP of 212 compute the following: Z1-106-148, Z2-148-176, ZX-176-193, Z3-193-212, ZY-212-216, Z4-216-233, Z5-233+. My strava zones are as followed: Z1-1-116, Z2-117-159, Z3-160-190, Z4-191-222, Z5-223-254, Z6-255-318, Z7-318+. I primarily use Strava as a tool to capture my training data, but the zones are quite different especially when at the end ranges of the zones. I’ve currently been following the strava zones when creating workouts. Any suggestions on if there’s a better one to follow or if the main purpose should stay below the top end of Z2 for any low intensity?

    Leyla Porteous

    Yes there will be difference between the 80/20 zones and zones established by Strava and other apps/methods. Although Strava are using a 7 zone system for power it doesn’t line up exactly with the 80/20 zone calculations.
    There is a pretty big delta for zone 2: ie 80/20 zone 2 is 148-176 whereas Strava is 117-159. I would suggest if you are following 80/20 plans, and structured workouts that you follow the 80/20 zones when you are training.

    You can set 80/20 zones in Training Peaks and this will be a better source of assessing training in terms of adherence to the 80/20 zones over Strava in my opinion.

    Understanding Your TrainingPeaks.com Structured Workout Plan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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