80/20 Plans and Stryd Auto-CP

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    I have recently started training with power and love it. One thing that I’m curious about with respect to the 80/20 method is if anyone who is currently following an 80/20 plan had ever tried to adapt their plan to allow for Auto-CP optimization rather than performing a traditional CP test. It seems like other coaches (namely Steve Palladino) have started incorporating this into their training plans. It would be nice if there were some modifications to maybe the rest week that could be made to make our 80/20 plans compatible with this concept. Thanks, in advance!


    David Warden

    Ryan, there are two issue with using Auto-CP to define threshold:

    1. We don’t yet have full confidence in the Auto-CP to accurately reflect LT. With very few exceptions, the Auto-CP estimate is 20 watts different than the power field tests recommended in our Intensity Guides for Running/Triathlon documents.

    Remember, with Power, we offer the much easier 1200/2400 meter test. It’s shorter (and less painful) than the full 20 and 30-minute tests, but fairly accurate.

    Frankly, I don’t know that we will ever be confident in a threshold found by an estimate from multiple runs.

    I’d be curious of the results if you tried this yourself. On your next rest week, note your current Auto-CP. Then, go out and do a 30-minute test. What is the result?

    2. And this the bigger problem with CP, Stryd does not define what CP actually is. Check out their definition of CP. “Critical Power is the threshold at which the dominant type of fatigue your body experiences changes.” Huh? Is that CP10? CP20, CP30? CP60? At 80/20, we are crystal clear: LT is the intensity which you can maintain for 30 minutes (CP30). We don’t know what Stryd CP is, but I do know that it does not line up to LT.

    Therefore, until Stryd defines what their CP actually represents, and we can additionally gain more confidence in their ability to estimate that value, we recommend not using Stryd CP.



    These are great points. Thank you for the response! I’ll just use a tested CP for the time being. I’ll definitely let you know if I do a comparison between the two.

    Thanks, again!


    David hit the nail on the head here regarding the definition of CP. I am STILL struggling with what Stryd actually means when the define CP.

    I’ve found the best results in looking at 10k TT or races. Caveat: this may not work for faster runners (sub 45m).

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