Adding 13.1 and 26.2 races to IM lvl 1 plan

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    I will be starting the level 1 IronMan plan in a couple of weeks (Nov. 22). I’m currently following a run maintenance plan after completing a 70.3 plan in early Oct.

    I would like to run a 13.1 race Dec. 12, week 3, and also a 26.2 March 5, week 15. I’ve never done a marathon so I’d really like to get one under my belt before competing in an IM.

    Any feedback on if this will work with my plan? Suggestions on how I should modify my race weeks and recovery weeks?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    In Week 3, skip Friday’s run, move Sunday’s ride to Saturday, run the half on Sunday, move Sunday’s swim to Monday of Week 4, and swap Tuesday’s run and Wednesday’s ride in Week 4.

    In Week 15, run the marathon in place of Sunday’s brick. In Week 16, skip Tuesday’s run and move Wednesday’s swim to Tuesday.

    Good luck!


    Thank you for the quick response Matt. That was exactly what I was looking for.

    I’ve really enjoyed the 80/20 plans and service over the last few months. Looking forward to starting another training plan with your team.


    May i add that running a Marathon doesn’t really help much for the IM run, in my opinion – it’s quite different (IM is at much lower intensity). Of course it’s a great experience and one should do it eventually – just not necessarily before an IM.

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