Adding More Rest to IM Level-1 Plan

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    I am using a Level-1 IM plan, am on week 11 and need to get more rest. I am 75 doing my first IM since before the pandemic. I currently take Monday off except for light flexibility work and that is not enough.
    What are the different strategies for adding more rest? One recommendation in this forum is to add a rest day every 9-10 days skipping a run session. That would be every Monday and every other Wednesday off. What do I do with the training that was supposed to be done on those Wednesdays if it isn’t a run session.
    I have also read that all sessions should be done but cut back to what the athlete can manage and keep one rest day (e.g. 4x 8 min cruise interval becomes 3×8 or even 2×8 + 2×5).
    And other coaches are saying at 70+ you need 30-50% more time to allow for the slower training response and more rest. How would you modify a Level-1 plan to 30 weeks?
    I will appreciate any thoughts you have on adjusting for more rest.


    We’re about the same age.

    I can’t comment on the Tri plans. My experience with the master running plans has been they don’t include enough recovery for us older runners – my run plan continued to add volume and intensity late into the training segment, and there was only one recovery day in in the entire plan.

    The largest factor, beginning at age 60 is the loss of strength, and it accelerates into the 70s. I don’t want to give on on mileage or skip the hard days, so I take some of the 80% and make it easier and a longer, letting the heart rate and intensity drop below the 80/20 recovery run intensities (I use the Sally Edwards temperate run zone).

    This works for me, I finish my runs feeling rested, and ready the next day for whatever workout is on the schedule.


    Congratulations on tackling IM at 75!!

    As a coach, my best suggestion would be that you will most likely need to add in at least 1additional rest day in your week. You may try a rest day on Monday and Friday of each week, allowing your body to rest and recover with the longer workouts on the weekend. Each athlete is different but this could be a good starting point to see how your body responds. Modifying the workouts could be a benefit, as you mentioned above, and will take some trial and error to see how you respond. Keeping within the 80/20 balance will still be a priority with the intensity; but you can certainly change up the intervals if you find it works best for you. The additional rest days can also be an active recovery day utilizing the benefits of yoga and stretching for mobility and strength.

    Happy training!

    Coach Anne

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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