Adding Strides to Run Days of L1 Sprint Tri Plan

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    Having a history of ham strains, I understand that a key factor to avoid injury is ensuring that the glutes are engaged so as to not use the hams for the glute-work in running at faster paces.
    I use a big exercise ball to do ham curls and bridges and I do forward & reverse and lateral walks w resistance bands. Generally after every run which would equal 3 times per week.
    I believe it would also help to incorporate strides – such as 30 second intervals in my Z3 pace range with 60 second recovery intervals repeated 4 to 6 times. I am studying YouTube videos of strides to learn the technique.

    Does all this sound wise and likely to be effective for avoiding ham strains while increasing speed?



    Rehabbing a hamstring strain involves gradual hamstring strengthening as well as correcting any biomechanical factors involved that contribute to the injury. You will certainly use your hamstrings at a high level, as well as your glutes, when you run at faster paces. They both need to be strong.

    It is important to adjust your paces and efforts to the hamstrings threshold. Done right this can help you regain and build strength and fitness, but be careful not to overdo it.

    I would suggest one of our Strength Programs as it contains progressive hamstring strengthening and glute strength. Done twice a week you will see noticeable benefits in ~2 months.

    Hope this helps!


    Hi Andrew, fortunately I’m past the rehab/recovery stage and am in the middle of an 80-20 sprint triathlon plan (L1). As I mentioned, I am doing regular strengthening (ham curls + bridges on Swiss Ball and resistant band walks) as ham pre-hab tactics. I have been test running in my Z3 pace range with success but I need to also start doing workouts w Z4 paces bc my Tri is only 8 weeks away. Incorporating another program would just be too taxing at this stage. My schedule is full as is my available energy bucket.

    So my question was how I might use strides as a run drill to make my Z3 running safer as I progress to the faster workouts in my 80-20 plan?

    I thought I would do 30 seconds in the slow end of my Z3 pace range (8:20) with 2 minutes of recovery in Z1. This would be 80-20 unto itself and so I would add these 10 minutes of running to my run workouts (3 times per week). My pace would actually be only as fast as I can comfortably do. This guideline has worked well for me in the past (before I found 80-20 so it was actually 30 secs / 60 secs of recovery).


    Do strides have any place in 80-20 training? If so, can they be designed to fit into most any workout or just certain ones? TIA.

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born 1-30-1957 Did first triathlon when 59 I live in the Central Valley of California injury-plagued in 2019 & 2020, discovered 80-20 a month ago Next tri is 3-13-2021, Sprint w 400 yd pool swim

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