Adjust my HM L2 Plan from 15 Weeks to 13 Weeks

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    I’m finishing my 10K L2 Plan, ending in almost 5 more weeks , but I just bought a HM L2 plan because of an important race. But my HM race is in 13 weeks after my 10K plan finish.
    How can I handle this situation?
    Should I finish my 10K L2 Plan before start the HM L2 plan and modify this last one? How?

    Should I modify my 10K L2 Plan at the end of this and then continue with the HM L2 Plan with no movement?


    Leyla Porteous

    I would recommend finishing your 10km and then adding your Half Marathon plan but applying it with the end date specified. This will have it populate from that end dated and you will start the plan in week 3. This will not be an issues as the HM level 2 is 5hours of running with long run of 1:15 in week 3. So you will have a slight decrease in volume for a few weeks (which the body will appreciate) before ramping back up for your half marathon.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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