Adjustment for high school track season

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    My 14 year old son is planning to do his third sprint triathlon this summer.  He was planning to use the level 2 sprint plan from the book, however the preparation timeframe will overlap the high school track season.  He was going to drop the run part of the plan and just substitute the track practices (he is more of a distance runner, so will likely be prepping and doing distance events).  The problem he runs into is when there are track meets on Sat, he probably can’t do the longer workout scheduled for Sat.  Should he drop it, or move the Sat and Sun workouts to Sun and Mon?  He is a former competitive swimmer, so combining two of the swim workouts to free up an extra day to move one of the workouts to, seems like it might be an option as well.  We were a little uncertain if we should keep the workouts in more or less the same order, or if it is OK to really rearrange during a week, depending on his schedule and just make sure they all get done. Thanks!



    I love to hear about our younger generation jumping in to the triathlon world!

    Since he is already running track, I feel fairly certain that he will be ok with dropping the run portion of the training plan.  Chances are he will be running more than the plan prescribes with his track workouts.

    I would not recommend doubling up on swim workouts in order to complete the 3 workouts for the week.  Given his swimming back ground, he could move that third swim to another day as long as he isn’t doing 3 workouts in a day.  Moving it to a bike day might be an option for him as long as it still allows for a rest day for him to rest and recover.

    I hope that helps!

    Coach Anne


    OK, thanks!  We’ll keep that in mind.

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