Aerobic Interval Run Intensity for 70.3

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    I’m following a 70.3 plan and I’ve got the aerobic intervals run workout coming up and the description reads:

    “This running aerobic interval set is intended to prepare the athlete for the specific intensity and stress of their upcoming event. The Zone 2 intervals should be done at the expected intensity of the athlete’s next race. For new athletes, this will be low to mid Zone 2. For more experienced athletes, this intensity will take place in upper Zone 2. For advanced athletes, these intervals can even include Zone X, a rare exception to the 80/20 system.”

    So for 70.3, I have in the past successfully targeted 91% of my threshold pace. This would put me right in the center towards the faster end of Zone X. I know the description says that for advanced athletes, these can include Zone X and indeed on training peaks the range goes partially into lower Zone X.

    Should I limit my pace to lower Zone X in the workout or should I run at my anticipated target in mid Zone X? I had these on a full Ironman plan before, but it wasn’t an issue because my estimated intensity was in Zone 2. I see a similar issue with the aerobic cycling workout, but it’s not too bad. I target 83% FTP during a 70.3, which seems to be the very top end of the interval.

    Leyla Porteous

    Yes if you have are able to sustain a zone x effort in previous races successfully and this is your targeted pace for you upcoming race then you will want to target this pace in these intervals.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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