Aerobic Intervals (RAe1)

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    I’m currently on a break between plans and exploring the 80/20 Workout Library.

    Question is: what is the intended use for Aerobic Intervals? RAe1 at 59 minutes overlaps with Foundation Runs in terms of duration and intensity. When/Why might I want to chose one of the Aerobic Interval Runs over a Foundation run? I am particularly interested in when and where I might want to substitute one of these workouts during one of the Goal or Race plans…

    Leyla Porteous

    Hi Charles,
    Here is a link that will give you the breakdown for each workout type in more details:

    Understanding Your 80/20 Triathlon Plan

    For RAe workouts specifically:
    The running aerobic interval set is intended to prepare the athlete for the specific intensity and stress of half and full Ironman racing. The Zone 2 intervals should be done at the expected intensity of the athlete’s next half or full Ironman. For new athletes, this will be low to mid Zone 2. For more experienced athletes, this intensity will take place in upper Zone 2. For advanced athletes, these intervals can even include Zone X, a rare exception to the 80/20 system.

    You will see Running Aerobic Intervals incorporated in the Race Specific Phase of training as a progression of Foundation Runs.



    Thank you Leyla. I conclude that this is a workout designed for Triathletes.

    I’m focused on running. I’m about to begin the Stamina Plan and will need to acclimate to the 4 H’s; Hazy, Hot, Humid, and Hilly. This appears to be an ideal substitution for the endurance runs. I tried it out today.

    The long runs of the Stamina Pan are a challenge to me. Using the rest intervals as an opportunity to adjust and hydrate appear a great way to enforce the discipline to complete the runs successfully and safely. It’s a gem of a workout.

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