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    First off – your training plans are great!  I’ve been using the IM Level O (along with the corresponding strength plan) for several years and I’ve completed 3 full IM’s.  The volume of this plan fits my schedule perfectly and I can’t thank you guys enough for having these available!

    Anyway, looking to join Team 8020. I already have Premium account that I’ve been renewing annually via Training Peaks (TP).  If I purchase the “Silver” subscription I’ll essentially have “Gold” benefits (i.e. advanced analysis; adjust future workouts; self plan application) correct?   Aside from having full library access right now, I believe I already can do most of these (I can see all the analysis/metrics in TP I can move my plans and individual workouts around to fit my schedule).    But the “Silver” plan will give me that full library access that I’m looking for.  So, I’m really asking, given I already have TP Premium, will the “Silver” plan essentially give me all the “Gold” benefits in the end?

    Can you also clarify if the “Silver” plan is offered annually vs. monthly?  I don’t see it as an option – but I did see a mention of it in one of the forum posts ($149/annually comes to mind).

    Finally, if the “Silver” isn’t offered annually and it makes more sense to purchase the annual “Gold” – will the TP portion of the “Gold” begin at the time my TP subscription renewals (June, 2024)?





    Here is a link to our page that explains the difference between the plans.  There is also a great list of subscription Q&As at the bottom of the page.

    If you have more questions I would suggest emailing our staff at:

    I know you’ll be happy with the full benefits of any of our plans!

    Coach Anne


    Coach Anne,

    Thanks for the quick response!  I did have a couple of more questions so I hit up the

    Have a great day!




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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