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    Hi Folks,

    Just starting out on the 80/20 plan for a marathon, and I’m looking for an app that will show the 7 zones used in the 80/20 plan so I know I’m in the right zone, I tend to forget the zone I’m meant to be in while in the “zone” during a run so a wee prompt would be helpful.

    Most of not all only seem to do the 5 zones

    any suggestions greatly appreciated

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Garmin no use…… need for the Apple Watch …..

    did mention that in the title but forgot to mention in the body of the text ;0)


    Last I heard, iSmoothRun was compatible with the Apple Watch. I used this before I had my Garmin and it was great. Except I didn’t have a watch and just carried my phone on every run. Since you have the Apple Watch, I think this would be worth a try. You can set your zones with alerts. I hope this helps.


    Looks like iSmoothRun is not good for custom zones like 80/20 requires as reported here:


    I dont have an apple watch, but if you want to switch to Power and use Stryd it looks like that supports structured workouts for runs.

    However, you need to invest in a Stryd device and it is only for running. .


    Smart Phone HR Zone App for Apple Watch-

    Matt Fitzgerald’s book says there is a smart phone app to help calculate HR zones, however, Matt does not qualify this with any additional information. The link to the website points to a smartphone app specifically for Garmin running smartwatch devices. The app seems to ONLY work with Garmin devices, and as far as I can tell, there is not a compatible version of the app that works with any other devices, such as the Apple Watch device that I have and use. Neither the book, which I have and read, nor the website, mention this important detail about the app. Very unclear.

    The HR zones are a bit confusing and I would like very much to have a version of this app that works with my Apple Watch that can help calculate my HR zones for me.


    I know this is an older thread, but I wanted to point out that the Garmin apps page that Matt linked to does include a section about how to handle Garmin devices that only allow for five zones.

    This approach solves the challenge that you’re having with the Apple watch, which is that most WatchOS apps only accommodate five zones, while 80/20 uses seven. Anyone still looking at this thread should check out that Garmin apps page.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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