Apple Watch and Structured Workouts: Can Stryd app use HR-based workouts too?


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    I have a Training Peaks account and I am looking at getting an 80/20 plan for 5K training. (I have the HR-based maintenance plan free as a result of COVID I intend to use this winter to figure this all out.)

    I am now trying to figure out the best equipment to use for tracking my training.

    I currently have an Apple Watch. I know Training Peaks can export power-based structured workouts to the Stryd Apple Watch App.

    What about non-power-based workouts like a HR-based or Pace-based workout? Will these work on the Stryd Apple Watch App?

    These other workouts CAN be exported to Garmin, right? (Either automatically synced, I think, or manually if necessary through a FIT file.)

    I live up north where it’s already below freezing and the snow is coming, so I’m looking at running more indoors and I was leaning towards a Stryd footpod.

    However, I also know Garmin is a bit better at indoor run tracking (treadmills, indoor tracks, etc), and if all this is maybe easier on a Garmin then the Garmin Forerunner 55 is about the same cost as a Stryd pod (actually a bit cheaper).

    The other alternative—Can iSmoothRun import a structured workout? I know it can sync workout plans with Training Peaks if you pay the pro fee, but can it pull down the Structured Workout files itself? Anyone fiddled with this yet?

    Any help is appreciated. I’m trying to sort out what gear is the best option for these plans.

    (Ha, already spent an hour this morning sorting out my HR and Pace Zones. Lol. Would be nice not to have to manually create the workouts in an app.)


    To answer my question, it looks like Stryd’s Apple Watch app requires structured workouts to be power-based to work. A pity.

    I am trying out iSmoothRun’s ability to import workouts from TrainingPeaks on its annual Pro Plan.

    I worry that it may not handle the heart-rate based training well, although I believe it should handle pace-based training well.

    I have a Fartlek structured workout scheduled for tomorrow. We shall see how it goes.


    iSmoothRun tested. It does NOT handle HR zone training well. This is mainly because it only allows you to set up 5 zones. So this will not work with the 80/20 HR Zone training very well.

    iSmoothRun pace-based training does work. Sort of. It’s not great, but it is SOMETHING as opposed to the otherwise nothing on Apple Watch in regards to .FIT-based structured workout files.

    I have not tested these on treadmills yet. Mainly because I am still loathe to go to gyms during a pandemic when I can run outside. But my training partner—my 12-year old daughter—is more loathe to go run outside in 20 degree or less weather! So . . . this will need to be tested.

    I hope these notes help others out.

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