Are power, pace, hr zones supposed to be equivalent?

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    No member here. I signed up for a power-based plan since I have Styrd. I have loaded the Garmin Connect data fields to my watch and plan to use it.
    The Training Peak plans are all zone based, so if I decide to train by pace instead, can I use my current power-based zones, or do I need to switch to a new plan? Apparently, you can fast-click the start/stop button on the Garmin app to change the measurement between power, pace, and HR.


    David Warden


    Thanks for using our plans! There are a couple of ways to look at this.

    First, you can use any intensity measure at any time regardless of the default intensity type, even in the middle of a workout by just reverting back to general zones. Remember, 5 years ago there were no structured workouts, so the plan author would just say “Zone 3 for 6 minutes.” That’s it. As the athlete, you would then decide how to measure Zone 3 and could choose Pace, Power or HR at any time by memorizing your zones. All the structured workouts feature does is feed you the specific ranges for your preferred intensity type (160 BPM or 220 watts or 7:50 per mile Pace).

    So, the structured workout default intensity is a convenience, not a requirement.

    But, that’s not what you are asking. You’re asking if you can change the default intensity type of a workout once on your device, and the answer is no. This is a limitation of TrainingPeaks, not the plan. You would need to change plans to change the default intensity type from Power to Pace.

    One exception is our 80/20 TrainingPeaks Workout Library, which give you access to all the 80/20 workouts in all formats, and is included with an 80/20 Subscription ( Wit the Library, you can drag and drop the Pace, Power or HR version of every workout (even Distance-based workouts!) to your calendar and choose how you want to train each day.



    Thanks David! I am a Silver subscriber, so I can check that out. I do see my workout details in a range of watts so I think that will feed to my Garmin. Anyway, I will test it out.


    Also try using the Stryd Workout App for structured power workouts rather than data fields. Obvious it’s only Power based.

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