Average Pace in a workout – RFF46 (Zone 4 Fast Finish Run)


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    The RFF46 (Zone 4 Fast Finish Run) workout calls for:
    My LTHR is 162 bpm

    5 min @ 118-133 bpm
    Zone 1

    25 min @ 133-148 bpm
    Zone 1-Zone 2

    5 min @ 167-172 bpm
    Zone Y-Zone 4

    It also says the average pace should be around 11:27. However, my current pace and fitness allows me only to attain a 13:03 pace when sticking to the HR Zone guideline.

    Question: Should we stick to the HR Zone or strive to achieve the average pace by the end of the workout? If it is the latter, my HR based on LTHR zones will be way higher than Z1, Z2 or Z4.

    Is the average pace just an information?



    Hi. I’m not a coach. I assume this is in Training Peaks and you are using HR as your metric. If so just stick to your HR targets. TP will estimate the pace, but it should not be your target.

    I use Power as my metric and the pace is usually way off what TP estimates (eg TP does no know how hilly my route will be)

    BTW are you aware HR is generally the least preferred metric. See https://www.8020endurance.com/intensity-guidelines-for-8020-running/


    Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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