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    I checked around and didn’t see the issue addressed in this forum. But if you know of a link to where this has been discussed, I’d be interested.

    I’ve been doing all of my easy running by RPE. Just whatever feels super easy on any given day. This can vary quite a bit, depending on circumstances (level of fatigue, difficulty of the previous day’s run, heat, humidity, etc.). When I’m really well rested and feeling awesome, I might end up pushing to the top of zone 2. Then there are days when I’ve done a tough workout the day before or I’m just feeling run down.
    I’ll end up just going easy and my heart rate barely even reaches zone 1. I’m assuming this is still beneficial. Correct? Is there a point below which there’s not much aerobic benefit?


    Another great question Alan,

    I’ve been asking myself the same question for some time. I just entered the 5K Pace Plan, but I am adjusting the workouts with substitutions for heart rate and power where it “might” make sense. This because after review of my history I see that I achieve nowhere near an 80/20 ratio based on heart rate on any plan.

    For example, today I ran RRe12(Recovery Run) converted to Power. I spent one minute in heart rate Zone 1, but power and pace fell into Zone 1 for power and pace both spilling into Zone 2 for a couple of minutes. I don’t think it makes any difference for a “rest” day.

    I did a similar substitution earlier this week for RFF48 (Fast Finish Run). The idea was to enter the Critical Velocity fast finish segment early and as best as possible fight to reach a Zone 4 heart rate in the 5 minutes allowed for the fast finish – I failed miserably, although I was in the zone for most of power and pace.

    There are a lot of variables, but your question is my question – are we leaving something on the floor when we don’t stress the heart rate on some of these workouts?


    Based on what I’ve seen David post on Instagram, going slower by RPE and ending up with a Zone 1 day when you’re scheduled for Zone 2 is just fine.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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