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    I guess this is as much a Training Peaks question but since it relates directly to my IM program I hope it’s ok here. I use TP as part of my subscription bundle and find its graphs and predictions quite useful, as well as Form/Fitness score.

    On top of my IM program I’m currently doing three extra classes. They are:
    – 1hr Swiss Ball (Yoga Ball); mostly strength / flexibility
    – 1hr Pliability ; similar to above but a bit more isometric stuff
    – Tai Chi (beginner). Lots of isometric

    I’ve been doing Swiss Ball for years, and recently swapped a Sports Fit (circuit-training) for Pliability as I felt I was getting plenty aerobic from my schedule. I’ve really noticed the improvement in my core strength while running from these classes. Tai Chi is new to me. I was looking for something like Pilates and thought I’d give Tai Chi a try. Not as easy as it looks.

    I’ve tried wearing my Garmin for Swiss Ball and Pliability but I don’t feel it’s recording particularly useful data and I’m not sure what to record the activity as. My HR isn’t much elevated but they are useful workouts. Plus, especially for Tai Chi (which I’ve just started) I don’t particularly like wearing a watch.

    My question is, should I worry about manually putting them in TP, and if so, how? They’re not as intensive as run/bike/swim but I feel they’re tough enough that they’ll possibly impact on my graphs/projections.

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    Leyla Porteous

    Hi Dougie,

    These low impact workouts don’t really factor into the TSS you are looking at for your fitness scores in TP. Whilst we know they are important and super helpful – they are not creating enough stress to really count towards endurance fitness. You can always just record them as other on your watch and factor in the overall training time including these activities in your week- but I wouldn’t worry about the TSS etc.



    Thanks Leyla, that’s good to know. Sorry for the late acknowledgement. This pretty much fits with my instinct so I’m pleased to know my hunch was correct.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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