Bike workouts missing planned TSS

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    Recently switched over to the 80/20 Level 2 70.3 plan, which I am really enjoying. In fact, I’m enjoying the whole 80/20 & TrainingPeaks experience having come from another platform.

    However, my planned bike workouts aren’t showing planned TSS, meaning that the planned weekly TSS appears low, and it always looks like I’m going way over target, since none of the bike workouts are included.

    Have I done something wrong to have caused this?

    I’ve tried a bit of Googling and using the search function but no luck.

    Thanks in advance!

    David Warden

    D, welcome to 80/20 Training!

    The most likely cause of this issue is using Default, and not specific swim/bike/run zones per Step 2 of our document Understanding Your TrainingPeaks Structured Workout Plan Training Peaks needs to know your specific thresholds and zones before it can predict the TSS for a workout, and it won’t use Default zones to make that calculation.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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