Bike workouts with power range targets

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    When exporting 80:20 bike workouts to zwift or Traineroad where there is a range for the target power output i.e 180 – 210W how does zwift or TR set the power if the smart trainer is in ERG mode? Does it pick a mid point for the target power ie. mid way between 180 and 210? Thanks

    David Warden

    Johnny, each device treats ERG mode a bit differently. My understanding is that in ERG mode it will pick the midway point of your custom Zone. If your Zone 2 is 180-210, it will set on 195 in ERG mode.

    My recommendation is to perform the workouts in free mode and learn to discipline yourself to stay at a particular intensity. This is how you’ll have to pace yourself outside or in a race, yes? There is certainly a place for ERG mode, but it should be an exception.



    Thanks David. Ive always used ERG mode (lazy!) but I’ll give free mode a try tomorrow when my 70.3 plan starts. Cheers

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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