Bricks: No TP Workouts? (Olympic L3 Plan Bike/Run Power)

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    Do bricks for the olympic distance tri plans not have Training Peaks workouts? I have completed the L3 70.3 plan twice (bike/run power), so I’m familiar with brick workouts in that plan (i.e. each brick includes a note, a bike workout and a run workout). However, I loaded up the olympic plan for the first time recently (bike/run power) and noticed the brick workouts are just notes and do not have any bike or run workouts in Training Peaks. I also noticed the bricks have a different structure (bike / run / bike). Are there no Training Peaks workouts because of structure the bricks? If so, is the expectation for athletes to memorize the workouts?


    Leyla Porteous


    Brick workouts in the short course triathlon plans include oscillating bricks. Where you will practice harder efforts and faster transitions, specific to short course racing. As you oscillate from bike to run, to bike to run, it’s not practical to have these as structured workouts. So you will need to memorize the pattern or write it on a whiteboard/piece of paper before the session. Old school but effective.

    Happy Training
    Coach Leyla


    Thanks, Leyla. I wanted to confirm this was the case or if there was some kind of issue when I loaded the plan in TP.

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