Caloric deficit/weight loss

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    Curry Gallagher

    I promised my wife that I’d ask about this. I’ve been losing a regular amount of weight. At this point a total of 5 pounds over 8 weeks. (started at 175 and am now 170)

    No biggie in my opinion as I eat A LOT (food is a hidden cost with this hobby) and I eat healthy and I feel great. I dont track my inputs and outputs and dont think I need to.

    I think my wife’s concern is more about if I keep losing weight, is that an issue given this amount of volume of exercise.


    David Warden

    Curry, I have no concerns. Losing 2 pounds a week is a healthy loss, and 3-4 is just fine as well.

    Don’t focus on weight. Focus on body composition. Anything under 15% body fat for a male is athletic, under 7% is risky. As long as you are between 7 and 15% body fat, you’re at a very healthy weight.



    For what it’s worth, my husband and I work with a dietician who specializes in athletes (from NFL to triathletes, gymnasts, etc.,) He’s been immensely helpful in helping us maintain proper wait, optimal for sports performance.

    I thought I knew about nutrition, but quickly realized there is a reason these people go to school for 6 plus years, plus he knew how to manage my endocrinology disorder along with everything else…

    Anyhow, I would absolutely recommend seeing a dietician (not a nutritionist), there is a difference… Mine is actually covered under insurance…. So might be something with considering

    Curry Gallagher

    Thanks to you both! I have a latent endocrinology issue and am on a grain free diet due to GI issues. Managed it for years by myself and discussion with primary and a GI doc, but a dietician maybe is the route I should go.

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Curry Gallagher