Cannot see how this adds up to 80/20??

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    I have started the 1/2 IM level 2 program 2 weeks ago. In particular cycling does not seem to be adding up to me.

    For instance this is a chart listing the workouts on the left followed by the time and percentage in each zone.
    WO Zone 1 Z1% Zone 2 Z2 % Zone 3 Z3% Total
    —– —— —- —— —- —— —- —–
    CF6 10 min 0.22 35 min 0.78 0 min 0 45 min
    CCI12 30 min 0.5 10 min 0.17 20 min 0.33 60 min
    CAn4 45 min 0.5 30 min 0.33 15 min 0.17 90 min
    85 min 0.44 75 min 0.38 35 min 0.18 195 min

    I was noticing that the effort I was doing was more “moderate” zone 2 which in power is 177 (based on my ftp of 230 and your zone calculator). I am doing the workouts in Trainer road and it gives me a zone 2 power effor of 177 constanst. which is moderate zone 2??? zone2 for my ftp is 161 to 191.

    So looking at this training week it appears that much less than 80 percentage is in the zone1. and too much is in the moderate zone2?? I have not gotten the book yet its coming from your website. However I seem to be training the same way I was before which is in the moderate zone? Not sure how to firgure this out??

    I am thinking that low zone2 and high zone1 have some cross over. However when the workouts are done in Trainerroad they are a constant watt output of 177 watts in a zone range from 161 to 191. So constant 177 to me is not low zone2 but right in the middle??


    Tom D.


    The chart I submitted did not present the way I typed it in. Sorry for the confusion: But if you look at the end of the week numbers this is what you have:

    85 mins, 0.44% Zone 1
    75 mins, 0.38% Zone 2
    35 mins, 0.18% Zone 3

    David Warden


    Thanks for using our plans, and thanks for posting here in our forums. I’m sure we can clear this up.

    – You’re presenting a 3-zone system. 80/20 is a 7-zone system. Our documents Getting Started with 80/20 Training and Intensity Guidelines for Triathlon at which will show you how to identify and setup your 80/20 zones and implement our zone system.

    – But, you’ve still managed to capture the right intensity distribution, because your numbers lump all of Zone 3, 4, and 5 into your Zone 3. The CAn4, for example, has no Zone 3 at all, but it does have 15 minutes of Zone 4 so your close enough for the easy/hard ratios. The main thing that is throwing you off is…

    – …Zone 1 and Zone 2 are both easy in the 80/20 system, Zone X and higher are moderate to hard. If you add up Zone 1 and Zone 2 (easy) then your are all set and your numbers add up to 82% Zone 1 and 2 (easy) and 18% Zone 3+ (hard). That’s 80/20 training. That’s what I think you missed in our Getting Started guide.

    – Don’t use ERG mode on your Trainer, use Free mode (or whatever your device calls ERG and Free mode). You should be able to freely choose your intensity, and not have it locked in by your bike. 80/20 does not control that, your bike does. That way you can cycle at 161 watts and still be in Zone 2 or on days you feel really strong cycle at 191 and that’s still zone 2. Don’t let your device lock you into a set wattage.

    – In the triathlon plans, we don’t design each week to be exactly 80/20 by sport. Some weeks are 60/40 on the bike and 90/10 on the run. Some weeks it is 75/25 on the bike/run and other weeks it is 85/15. Over the totality of your 20-week plan, the distribution will be 80/20, so don’t get hung up on a particular week.




    Thank you very much for the explanation. I will try the trainer kickr core on the non ERG (resistance) mode and see how it works.

    I will just do the “work” now.

    Thanks again.

    Tom D

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