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    Just need to make sure I am doing this correctly. I ran a 5k, put my time into the calculator, looked at HR data, put that into LTHR calculator, updated all the zones in training peaks. Went for recovery run— Zone 1 is pretty much walking for me HR wise (average 13:54 @ 136bpm), while pace says 12:48 – 9:34. I knew I would have to slow down my typical training pace – which metric should I be following?


    Hi bigblackbird.
    Actually, I’m not sure if you did the zone calculation right and/or if you used the right numbers.
    I guess for pace it’s rather simple as yo just ran a 5k. you use your 5k time, enter it n the calculator tool and have your zones.
    For LTHR you should either do a 20min Time Trial and use the average of the last (peak) 15min of those 20min and that is your LTHR.
    Or, as you now have your LT pace, you can run at that pace until your HR levels off. That’s your LTHR.
    I don’t think that 136 BPM is right.
    Or is your HR at 136BPM when running at a 13:54min/mile pace? Also, 9:34-12:48 sounds a bit wide? At an upper end of 9:34 the calculator should give you a slow end (if there is any in reality) of 12:07?

    What was the average HR of your peak 15min of your 5K? Based on your Zone 1 pace you mentioned your should have completed your 5k in 21:30ish minutes?



    Hi! I’m putting myself out there as the poster child for slow running because I have struggled with this very issue for years and have finally figured out how to master it.

    Try a couple things: 1. If you are running outdoors, jog in place and see if you can keep your heart rate in zone 1. I have found that I can. It’s the propulsion forward that starts kicking my heart rate up, so I start my warmup jogging in place and I try to speed up very gradually. You will be running much slower but this will help you find a slow running pace. If I speed up and elevate my heart rate, I return back to a jog in place until it calms down. I do this so that my body learns to remember the mechanics of running (which is very different from walking) and gives me a place to retreat to bring down my heart rate without walking (which during a race can be both a physical and mental kiss of death)

    2. I run my endurance runs at between a 20-minute and a 15-minute mile. I could run at this pace for hours without tiring.

    I promise this works! I trained just like this with my intervals at Zone 4/5 and I just ran a 5-K at an 11 minute mile. I never trained at this pace.

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    winoria, yes 5k was 21:34, average HR was 155, last 15 min was likely around 160.
    Today’s recovery run/walk was 13:54 pace at 136bmp average. I did type the pace ranges from the calculator incorrectly: 12:08 – 9:34 are my Zone 1 Paces.
    My 5k data showed the HR and Pace calculator pretty close to each other at Zone 3. But, man, that Zone 1!

    fastmazor – I will definitely try the jog in place strategy!

    David Warden

    I’d use Pace over HR in your situation and in most situations.


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