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    Nice update to the forum, but as a senior I am finding the orange on black a real distraction. I don’t think I am alone. (I suppose there are others hanging on for, or approaching those later years).

    There is pretty good example of what I see at the webpage with my advancing low-contrast sensitivity.

    I can get by with changing font sizes, but even so reading the forum is uncomfortable.


    Hi Charles,

    Have you looked into changing settings on your device to assist with your sensitivity? Apple, for example, does a great job with being able to invert colors, etc to make it easier to read.


    Thanks for bringing this up, Charles 🙂 I used to own/run a web design/dev company for 10+ years, up until a few years ago, and we started to pay attention to compassionate design principles like this.

    Also, I’m part way to your experience with regards to my eyes 😛 I have to blow up fonts on most websites, which is easy to do, but the contrast thing might be slowly creeping in as I’ve often wondered why I don’t like ‘dark mode’ so much. Guessing low-contrast sensitivity is it.

    Yes, there are accessibility settings, which I definitely use on my iPhone, like increasing font size and contrast, but settings beyond that really mess with a lot of aesthetics. Desktop has more variables I’ve found too. And the important note here is that a color scheme can be picked that pleases everyone 🙂

    I see this forum is running BBPress, on a WordPress install, and I see that there is a plugin out there that offers a dark mode switch for folks. If that works, this is a way to give folks an option to go dark if they prefer (Droit Dark). But really, different color palette would be easiest.


    Oh, all that being said, I really like all the other design updates to the forum and site! 🙂 I know how much hard work goes into these things, so thanks to the team, designers, and devs!

    David Warden

    Charles, just want to acknowledge your comments. We’re not set on this particular color scheme, it’s relatively easy to switch colors (but not the layout) and we’ll certainly keep this in mind.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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