Combining Olympic and 70.3 Plans

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    Hi guys,

    I’m following a level 3 70.3 plan leading into an A race on July 19th. I have another 70.3 race in September 2020 as well. My goal is to try to qualify for the 2021 70.3 WC in one of these races.

    In addition, I’d like to race my country’s national championships (Olympic) on June 27th, ideally as an A race as well.

    Any recommendations for how I can combine my 70.3 level 3 plan with the Olympic level 3 plan? Instinct and experience would tell me to take the low-intensity and endurance workouts from the 70.3 plan and the moderate-hard workouts from the Olympic plan until my olympic race before switching over to the moderate-hard (more race specific) workouts of the 70.3 plan before that race, but wanted to ask your input.

    David Warden

    C. Thanks for checking in and using our plans.

    In general, it is very difficult to train for two different event distances with the goal of elite results. 70.3 and Oly are both triathlon, but there is a significant difference between preparing for an event of 2 hours in length compared to an event of 4.5 hours in length. You plan also includes 3 4-hour bricks leading up to the week before the Oly, so the ability to race for 2+ hours will not be a problem.

    If the 70.3 events are more important to you than the Oly, and I suspect they are, I don’t think you need to make any adjustments. We include significant amounts of Zone 3 training in the 70.3 plan. Not as much as an Oly plan, but plenty to do well at any Oly. For example, in the 6 weeks leading up to June 27 you’ll execute 13 workouts that include Zone 3 and 4 intensity.

    One change you could make is to modify the Zone 3 workouts (RCI and CCI) so that the intervals are longer. For example the CCI15 is 4×8 minutes in Zone 3. You can make that 3×11, or 2×16 or even 1×32 to start accumulating more and more time in Zone 3 and simulate the intensity of Oly racing (which is low to mid Zone 3).

    Your idea of mixing the plans is good, but in doing so you would no longer be able to ensure that the 80/20 ratios remain intact. We have meticulously done those calculations for you, and by mixing in the Oly and 70.3 plans, you might end up at 80/20 rations, but just as likely to end up at 70/30 or 90/10.

    Actually, you could ensure the ratios remain intact if you tracked the ratios manually as we describe in Chapter 8 of the book 80/20 Triathlon, so that idea still has merit.


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