Consequences of changing the start date of a plan midstream

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    This help document describes how one can adjust the start date of a plan after it is loaded by first removing the plan and re-adding it with a different start date and thus a different rest day. For example, I began using the 70.3 maintenance plan on October 19th, a Tuesday; thus, my rest day is every Tuesday.

    Having a rest day on Tuesday does not align very well visually with the iPhone app’s bar chart on the home tab. The days of the week are displayed from Monday to Sunday. Therefore, my week would have display activity for two weeks. Monday from the previous week and Tues-Sunday of this week. Of course, this is not such a big issue if one were to use the TP web interface whose charts and graphs are much more detailed and informative.

    1. If I remove the maintenance plan and re-add it with a start date of Oct. 18th, do I loose all my training data to-date from Oct. 20th to today, Oct. 31?

    2. If the data is preserved, what day gets shifted? With the current start date on a Tuesday, my biggest day is Monday. Currently, tomorrow (Monday) has a 43 minute swim and a 50 minute run. If I adjust my plan today, do I just lose Monday because tomorrow would now become my rest day? Today (Sunday) would become the Saturday workout and Sunday would then be shown as missed? Not a huge loss because question 1 is the most important question to resolve.

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    Matt Fitzgerald

    Your data will be preserved. I actually don’t know the answer to your second question, but I will find out the answer.

    David Warden

    mgs, yes, technically, if you unload and reload your plan to start on a Monday, your rest day will be Monday (Day 1 of each week of our plans that has a rest day is the rest day). Because you are shifting your rest day by -1 days (Tuesday to Monday) you will miss a workout. What was formerly your long Monday workout would now be a rest day.

    It’s an unavoidable situation when adjusting your plan by -1 one days. An alternative to this would be to wait to make the shift when you would miss the shortest, not longest, workout of the week.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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