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    Hi! Quick background, 46 years old and started running about 8 years ago. Somewhat injury prone (PF, hip bursitis), working on that. 10K level 1 plan has been a great fit, and goal race is today (Run Thru History 10K in Vicksburg, MS military park). I’ve got a couple of local 5K/10K races one weekend after the other, April 2 and then April 9. Do you suggest reapplying the training plan to continue? It’ll be truncated of course, since it’s only about a month away. What do you recommend I set the end date for, the second race?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    It should be okay to repeat the last four weeks of the plan, with the end of the plan aligning with your April 9 event, but you will need to make a few adjustments (namely, lightening the training load after today’s race and before and after your April 2 race). After your April 9 event you will need to take a somewhat longer break and build a fresh base if you wish to see any additional progress.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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