Cramping lower legs and hamstrings at night / while sleeping

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    Hello all,

    I have a somewhat weird question but hope some other people can share their experience.
    The last few days I experience something that I have had some while ago, it disappeared and is now back: lower leg cramps at night and sometimes some cramping of my hamstrings. Last night I had such a bad cramp that I had to get up and stretch. It was quite painful.
    I feel really good otherwise and training goes very well. I feel my nutrition is very good also. The only change that I’ve made is to ride all my cycling training on the TT bike to get used to the aero position and overall comfortable as the race is only 6 weeks out. That being said, there certainly is a change in my position on the bike but I would not expect this to cause my lower legs and sometimes hamstrings to cause issues?

    What are your experiences? Any ideas? Proposals? Solutions?



    I have had this recently and was advised to take a magnesium supplement. It has certainly helped!

    Good luck…


    No doctor here, but I’ve used Magnesium in the past effectively as well.

    I take mine in a magnesium/calcium combination.


    not a doctor, but I use magnesium, try and get it as citrate-the magnesium is more available than the cheaper oxide


    winoria, it’s been quite a while since your post so I hope you have figured it out by now.

    There a a lot of variables leading to the symptoms you are experiencing. I’ve posted elsewhere on the site my personal need to include electrolyte supplements to my diet even though my water balance is fine.

    Lately I have experienced the same symptoms (again) you are reporting. I’m only now seeing improvement after several weeks of exploration and adjustment. Despite probing with foam rollers and deep massage gun I could not find a “hot spot” indicating a muscle strain.

    Tight hip flexors and unexplained “nigggles” in the hamstrings when running. Although able to complete key workouts something going on that gave me cause to look for clue.

    In my case I made two adjustments to my lifestyle/traing that seem to have eliminated the issues. I did not need to stop running. First, and I think this was the cause, my body composition is at the 97th percentile (see Racing Weight book) and I was still losing weight and body fat; I added protein calories to my diet to stop the weight loss and that seems to help. Second, I added a passive stretch to my mobility and warmups, the yoga position Uttanasana, which when done with yoga blocks provides an easy stretch to the piriformis muscle that can impact the sciatic nerve.

    I can’t say for sure why I am at last seeing some improvement, but I would encourage anyone to search for the cause, and only then search for a cure…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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