Curious about this study on moderate intensity for Half Iron amateur triathlete

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    Polarized and Pyramidal Training Intensity Distribution: Relationship with a Half-Ironman Distance Triathlon Competition

    “These results suggest that training time in zone 2 (moderate intensity, VT1-VT2) was related with better performance on a Half-Ironman race in amateur triathletes.”


    Hi – it’s an interesting paper – I don’t have the sports physiology background but as I read it a good advert for polarized training……I.e. 80/20!? Lots of time at easier efforts with structured efforts above Lactate threshold. I look forward to Matt / David / Laylas thoughts.



    Any thoughts on this David or Matt?

    David Warden

    Sorry just now getting to this article. No surprises here. 80/20 Zone X to 3 is Zone 2 in this study, and low Zone X is the perfect racing intensity for 70.3. Our default tri plan distributions are about 80/15/5 using the 3-zone VT scale.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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