Cut running volumen to compensate for an inflamed tendon

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    Some time back I have bought the book “80/20 Triathlon: Discover the Breakthrough Elite-Training Formula for Ultimate Fitness and Performance at All Levels” and in this moment I’m using the training plan level 1 for the Olympic distance and I’m just started on week 9.

    Lately I have developed an inflammation in my Achilles tendon there make it difficult for me to run, I find runs longer than 30 to 40 minutes are going to worsen the situation.

    My plan now is to cut the running volumen down to maximum 2 times a week so each run is maximum 30 to 40 minutes. The way I have thought to do it, is to find a session of the same type as given in the plan and then use a session there is shorter than given e.g: If the plan has RF10 then instead I do RF4 or I substitute RT11 with RT1 etc.

    I have two questions: Is the above a good or bad idea or should I only do Recovery Runs? Do I put in some more biking to substitute the run time I have cut away and in case what kind of biking?

    Don’t tell me I should stop running, I know that, I plan to do a break after my next race and get the tendon fixed.

    Thank you,


    Have had the same problem.
    I cut the intense running and switch it to bike, row, elliptical.

    Still want to get the right amount of HR work in.


    Thank you vepn,
    How did you do the switch?
    E.g: Did you cut 1/2 hour intense running and added 1/2 hour intense biking or did you use some kind of transformation factor?


    You are welcome.
    If you have trainingpeaks account it shows total stress score for each workout. For me the running workouts are about 60 TSS (1hour). If I do a bike ride with same zones (low z2 upper end z1) I will get around 45 TSS. So the formula shows that biking is not that taxing on your system. Probably because of overall lower HR.

    Usually I go for a 90 min ride if my plan has 60 min run. I take it super easy as well. The point is to let my legs heal and body heal. With longer rides there also is a benefit of added HR time in lower zones.
    Last year my physio told me to do only one fast running a week and leave the other for a bike or some other discipline (just follow HR and zones of workout plan).

    Last year I followed the plans very strictly. I got the results as well (20min PR on HM distance), but it was tough. Every morning started with a foam rolling and stretching for about 60min to get me going. Getting up from the floor was pain. And I’m supposed to be in shape 😀
    One thing I learned is that I can’t leave strength training out. My body lasted for about 3 months without it (only running). Also, I didn’t respect that I hadn’t developed into a runner yet. It takes time for tendons, muscles, oxygen and ventilation system to adapt and develop.
    I’m taking it way easier and just enjoying running. It’s supposed to be fun 🙂


    Thank you again.

    I don’t use Trainingpeaks, but have also used 60 minute run equivalent to 90 minute bike in the past, nice to know it wasn’t totally wrong.

    I hope your inflammation did pass and have not returned such as mine.


    It still came back after a maintenance period. I made the mistake of not being consistent with calf muscle loading while on maintenance period (October-January/February).
    When you don’t train then the problematic area will weaken again and if you load it too aggressively it will be a problem again.
    It would be good to keep some kind of constant load even in maintenance phase.

    Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy running!

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