Delete the swims or see the RED?

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    I’m sure this has been asked many times already (I tried searching through the questions but didn’t find the answer)… I just started my Ironman Level 1 program this week. All our pools are closed (and lakes frozen in the Canadian prairies!) I am aware of the dryland training workouts and had been substituting the swims in the Maintenance plan with strength/ core/ elliptical, etc but my questions is what do I do with the workouts in my TP calendar? Do I delete them or just let the go red? Overall, with the substitutions I am getting in my weekly hours but still don’t like seeing the red!


    I kind of find that funny. I also hate to see red or even yellow. I guess your questions really boils down to personal preference. No harm by deleting the workouts to get rid of the red. But it will also “destroy” the history of your training – at least in a way. Maybe down the road you wonder why was this or that the way it was and you will not remember what was deleted, replaced by dryland, etc.
    That being said, I would, despite hating the red/yellow not delete them but rather accept the fact that you have been unable to complete these b/c of pools being shut down.

    Happy training!

    David Warden

    Neana, I hate the red too! I think the best option is to edit the completed workout to match what you really did that day. Bike instead of swim, run instead of swim, dryland instead of swim…. Don’t think of it as deleting the swim, you can EDIT the swim workout to be a bike, run, or strength session. Maybe that’s just playing games in your head, but that what I do.



    I delete and add in new replacement workouts……the red bugs me.

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