Determining Stryd Run Power Zones

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    I’ve just recently purchased a Stryd and currently wading through the setup and configuration process. In the “Power Testing” portion of the Intensity Guidelines it states “Your running threshold power, or rFTP, is equal to 95 percent of your average power over the full 20-minute time trial, which can be entered into the 80/20 Zone Calculator”.

    So as I understand this:

    – Your watch will tell you what the average power was for the last 20 minutes of your run if configured properly?

    – Do I take that average and manually calculate rFTP (AVG*.95) and select “FTP” as the Method in the calculator? OR Do I just plug in the raw average and select “20-Minute Test” as the method in the calculator?

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    I’ve been off running for a while due to injury, but I used the former – manually calculating by it.

    I actually used a simultaneous test to work out pace and hr values as well as power. I used power for my metric, but HR and pace were useful as sometimes power did not improve much but pace increased as I was getting more efficient.


    You would just enter the 20 minute average into the calculator. It would make the adjustments for you.


    Thanks for the replies. I learned that you can enter it either way and the FTP and zones will come out the same. I also realized that Training Peaks will conduct the 80/20 zone calculations without having to copy them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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