Determining zones based on LTHR Test from book?

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    So I read the 80 20 running book and decided to do the 30 minute test to determine my LTHR and use those to determine my zones. I ran on an indoor track in a gym and went as fast as I could for 30 minutes. Garmin doesn’t allow me to see my average heartrate for a particular segment of a workout, but at 20 minutes my heartrate was 170 and at 30 minutes my heartrate was 172. So I used 170 as my LTHR. These are the zones that I determined, I rounded each value to the nearest integer:

    Zone 1: 128-136
    Zone 2: 138-153
    Zone 3: 163-170
    Zone 4: 173-179
    Zone 5: 180+

    Did I do this right?

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    I’ve not checked your numbers but you can always use the online calculator and refer to article if you’re using a Garmin.

    How to Create 80/20 Zones on Your Garmin Device


    Do you use Training Peaks or Final Surge at all? They will not only allow you to get the average HR for a section of your run for a more accurate LTHR, but you can set your zones there to the 7 80/20 zones. Then when the workout is synced to your Garmin they will use the accurate zones from the software, and not Garmin’s zones.


    hi coming to this late, but i’ve been concerned by the garmin zones vs training peaks zones as well. Are you saying that the workout will use the zomes from training peaks and ignore garmin’s zones? why do they have you adjust the garmin zones then if it ignores them?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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