Determining zones based on LTHR Test from book?

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    So I read the 80 20 running book and decided to do the 30 minute test to determine my LTHR and use those to determine my zones. I ran on an indoor track in a gym and went as fast as I could for 30 minutes. Garmin doesn’t allow me to see my average heartrate for a particular segment of a workout, but at 20 minutes my heartrate was 170 and at 30 minutes my heartrate was 172. So I used 170 as my LTHR. These are the zones that I determined, I rounded each value to the nearest integer:

    Zone 1: 128-136
    Zone 2: 138-153
    Zone 3: 163-170
    Zone 4: 173-179
    Zone 5: 180+

    Did I do this right?

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    I’ve not checked your numbers but you can always use the online calculator and refer to article if you’re using a Garmin.

    How to Create 80/20 Zones on Your Garmin Device


    Do you use Training Peaks or Final Surge at all? They will not only allow you to get the average HR for a section of your run for a more accurate LTHR, but you can set your zones there to the 7 80/20 zones. Then when the workout is synced to your Garmin they will use the accurate zones from the software, and not Garmin’s zones.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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