Did you know TP can Modify Units Pace to HR or Vice Versa

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    I have always struggled with the run using Pace or using HR dilemma.

    I do most of my easy runs on undulating hills so neither really fits. On the down hills HR drops too low so Garmin nags me to go faster so Pace suits me to stop running so fast and running up hills I can’t keep the pace up so HR is the better option.

    And then there are speed work where we all know HR lags so Pace is better.

    So the girl friend who has joined the 80/20 band wagon found out and showed me and I am unsure if others didn’t know but changing specific runs in Training Peaks can be done by clicking on the run and changing the units to %Threshold Pace or %Threshold HR.

    This could be a handy tool if you run your runs mainly in HR but want Pace for your speed works. Of course you would need to change every run before hand but seems a good option for me.

    Just putting it out there. Unless I have it all wrong.



    Just be aware that 80/20 uses different percent of threshold for heart rate and pace workouts so you will want to make the adjustment when you make the conversion. (See the 80/20 calculators).


    Thanks Charles,

    I’ll keep an eye on that if I go done that track. Meanwhile it’s pace set with limiting my pace going up the hills but keeping to it going down so I’m not pushing the pace to get the HR up. Overall average is within the limits of my pace.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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