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    Dominik Jaro

    Hey all,
    I am wondering if anyone had an experience when their family(parents) doesn’t like how you look like and they blame it on the food/diet. I am cycling, have a lean(very difficult to gain weight) body composition, and am eating healthy just because I feel much better then. The point is that I come from a village where a usual person is kinda chubby. Since my childhood, my mother ‘forced’ me to eat and I hear a lot that Dom eat a lot, you should eat more! I hate this, lost the sense of eating enough. Now, I’m trying to practice the two habits of eating enough and individually. However, I have fear when I am visiting my family. Has anyone had this kind of experience, how do you cope with this?
    Thank you!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Dom,

    This kind of experience is all too common, though here in the US it’s usually flipped around, with parents telling their children they are too chubby and badgering them to eat less. You might consider talking this stuff through with a sports dietitian who specializes in disordered eating. Even though your eating might not be disordered, someone like this could help you manage the negative emotions surrounding your eating.

    Coach Matt


    Years ago I read George Sheehan’s book “The Joy of Running”. If I recall correctly this is the book where he made the observation that runners will reach a point where (normal) people will say they look awful.

    So, I took it as a badge of honor when my wife came home from a dinner with her friends and mentioned they all thought I looked awful when they had seen me out on a run.

    Word of caution however. I recently reached the limit of the Racing Weight calculator (10% body fat). I was pleased to see that the calculator will actually suggest putting on weight if I were to continue. At the limit of the calculator I am 2% above what my doctor would consider essential body fat. In this age of Covid it’s not a good idea to push the limits. For myself I have decided to monitor body fat and maintain a 12% floor as mater of health insurance.

    Dominik Jaro

    Thank you, Matt and Charles, for your advice and experience. I have thought about talking to a dietitian and checking my body fat % before. However, I’ve never done it. I guess this is the right time then. 😀

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Dominik Jaro