Difference in HR and pace zones

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    I used the 20 minute TT to determine HR and pacing zones for running. I have since used tempo workouts to verify the lactate threshold HR and pace. However, my heart rate when running often goes well into ZX or even Z3 even if my pace is comfortably in Z2.

    For example, I might be running at a 9:50 pace, which is within Z2 for me, but my HR will be at 166, which is ZX. As I increase to my lactate threshold pace, my HR goes up to 178, which is my LTHR. So my problem is that the HR and pace zones only match in Z3 and above.

    Do I just have a high heart rate when running slow, or is there always a discrepancy between the two? If not, what should I do to adjust my training to account for this?

    David Warden

    Thanks for using our plans and trying our forums! This issue is resolved by ensuring that you use the same testing protocol for each intensity type as outlined in the documents Intensity Guidelines for Triathlon. By measuring Pace, Power, and HR in a single test, the three intensity types will align.

    There are many external variables that influence HR (temperature, time of day, indoor vs, outdoor) and when HR is tested separately from Pace or Power, the odds of the the two intensity types diverging increases. Fortunately, our testing protocol allows for you to do your next test and test 1, 2, or all 3 intensity types in the same test.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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