Does my LTHR results look correct?


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    I havent done a test like this before, and i must say that my results are higher than i expected.
    This was my plan during the run; I started the first 10 min at a pace around 4:55min/km because that is around what i run at for a 10k. After 10 min i pushed harder to find a pace i felt i could hold out for the next 20 min. Trying to simulate a negative split.
    What do you guys think about my run? Do you see anything i did wrong, or does this look right? Should i push a bit harder the first 10 min?

    LTHR: 191 (20 min peak HR)
    LT pace: 4:41min/km

    David Warden


    Great work!

    Yes, I think you could push harder next time for the first 10 minutes. This was a negative split, which always leads to the best results. However, your negative split was about 30 seconds (per mile) and the goal is 2% or less, or about 9 seconds per mile faster the second half than the first.

    Consider dropping your threshold pace by 5 seconds per K based on this result, as I think you would have been there if you started out a bit faster.

    No change to LTHR. Yes, even though you started slow, that first 10 minutes is really just o get the HR elevated close to LTHR, and the last 20 should be accurate for you.



    Alright, thanks for your help!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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