Does the plan change depending on the result?

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    I’m a newcomer to your programs and I’m trying to understand how you work.

    I’m starting a “Half Marathon Level 0 over 15 weeks” program.

    Does the program evolve over time according to results and feelings (perceived effort, etc.)?

    For example, I do an RFR1 outing (Fartlek run) and at the end of the session, the result is average. I’m tired with a difficult feeling and my perceived effort is 8 out of 10.

    Will this have an impact on future training sessions?

    On the contrary, if the session is too easy, will the following sessions get harder?

    Sorry if my question seems silly, but I’m trying to understand.

    Thanks 🙂

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    Hi Kohrun,

    The program does not automatically adapt based on entries you input. The programs are prescribed and will very in intensity and duration from the start to the finish. In general your goal should be to complete the program as written and ideally hitting the IF (Intensity Factor) correctly for each workout.

    I’ve recently completed the level 2 full marathon plan and found that some weeks or workouts were easy and others harder based on my volume and recovery. Trust the process and do your best to complete the program and I’m confident you will be well prepared when race day comes.

    Best of luck!


    Steven is correct; the plans do not adjust according to previous workouts but are based on zones that you have set up prior to starting the plan.   Here is a great link to understanding your run plan:


    I hope that helps!

    Coach Anne


    Thank you for your answers.

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